A fighter for immigration, inclusion and diversity

Ratna Omidvar is interviewed in the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business.

“Like many immigrants who ended up in Canada, Ratna Omidvar initially didn’t have an overwhelming drive to choose this country. “I had no intention of coming to Canada,” she said, noting that as a young girl growing up in India, she was most interested in learning German.

It has been to Canada’s great gain, however, that Ms. Omidvar landed here, where she has spent more than three decades fighting to make sure this is a more inclusive country and that Canada is getting the maximum advantage from the skills, drive and entrepreneurship that arrive along with immigrants from around the world.”

Ratna spoke about her personal story, international immigration trends, the role of cities, diversity in leadership, and refugee issues here in Canada. She said “I worry about the fact that we have become a little hard-headed. There is this overriding narrative that we are generous, so it is okay for us to cut back, or step back. Refugees, in fact, over time will create wealth in ways that we don’t measure and we are not aware of.”

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