Growing up in the shadow of the refugee experience

Bernie Farber examines Flight and Freedom in a Canadian Jewish News article:


All the stories in Flight and Freedom are truly compelling. Yet each reader will take certain scenes away that speak to them. The story of Christine, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide is one such story. On its surface, it’s as different from my father’s Shoah experience as one could imagine. Geographically, politically, in terms of people and places – little is familiar. Yet, Christine’s familiarity with life over death was a theme I sadly understood. As the génocidaires were committing mass murder, Christine, then a young child, experienced the slayings of her father and brother. Through the luck of what my father used to call the necessary “1,000 miracles” she and her mother escaped with their lives. Horror surrounds you in such evil times, and understanding how one copes was explained all too well by Christine: “Because you were trying to save your own life, we wouldn’t pay attention to what’s happening. We would just run.”

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