“At a time when the authors say tighter Canadian policies “have not slammed the door shut on refugees but [have] certainly wedged the door partly closed,” the book powerfully makes the case that refugees and their stories are an essential part of Canada’s identity and strength as a country where many people are willing to risk everything for a better life, and many more are willing to help others.”
Publishers Weekly

Flight and Freedom is an excellent book that benefits from the years of expertise of its co-writers and contributors. The 30 stories, which span two centuries and 25 countries of origin, are compellingly told, partly because they are extraordinary stories, but also due to the compassion and clarity brought to them by its curators.”

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“As the child of refugees, I understood one thing: they all had a story, from the insignificant to the heroic, from sadness, heartache and despair to elation and joy … In the end, all the refugees and immigrants in this book share one collective conclusion – each is deeply grateful to Canada for embracing them and giving them back their dignity. The time is right for this book.”
Bernie Farber, NOW Magazine

“‘We have to run — now.’ A mother sweeps her children into her arms and treks for days to a safe country. Anwar Arkani’s mother used those words as their family, Rohingya Muslims, a persecuted minority in Burma, fled to Bangladesh in 1978. He was 11 and one of five children. But the urgent command — ‘we have to run, now’ — is familiar to many refugees. After months or years living in fear and oppression, the single thought becomes: escape.”
Toronto Star

Flight and Freedom: Stories of Escape to Canada is the book containing a riveting collection of refugee experiences, written by Ratna Omidvar and Dana Wagner. The idea originated at the Maytree Foundation, where Omidvar was president until the end of the summer. Currently the book is undergoing a final edit and a publisher will soon be chosen to allow for an early 2015 release date. Carmel Kilkenny spoke with Dana Wagner about the project.”
– Radio Canada International